Fresh Produce of Palmyra 

About three years ago, my mother bought a house in Palmyra, NJ. We live in close proximity to a supermarket, which sits in the opposite direction of Fresh Produce of Palmyra. I am not sure how or when she found the delightful gem because she’s an avid supermarket shopper, but on several of our lengthy phone conversations she raved about the place. She swore the produce was better than at the local grocer and when I stopped by to have a chat with Zach Olah, the operator of Fresh Produce, he told me his customers echo my mother’s sentiments.

Zach explained that in the wee hours of Tuesday and Thursday mornings, he heads to Philadelphia to sample and select fresh produce for his customers. Though he said a lot of his regulars are from surrounding Cinnaminson, Delanco, and Pennsauken, he has a few who travel from places like Medford Lakes and Mt. Laurel to shop at Fresh Produce, passing grocery stores along the way. And they are seldom disappointed with the offerings.

Fresh Produce of Palmyra offers a bountiful variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and they are open seven days a week. They offer delicacies like Polish Babka from Syrena Bakery in Brooklyn during holidays and they regularly offer authentic kielbasa, Di Bruno Brother’s Gourmet Foods, and other items normally exclusive to Philadelphia’s Italian Market. The daily offerings are always expanding to include local business like South Jersey’s Papa Joe’s Southern Salt, Preservation Handcrafted Foods Pickled Veggies, Raw Honeys from Mill Creek Apiary,

honey FP
I’m slightly obsessed with honeybees, so you know I love this.

and they are the only business outside of Chicago who sells Alexandra’s Home Style Pierogies. To see more of what they offer, take a look at the photo album on their Facebook page.

Fresh Produce has been in business for almost four years and Zach told me that without the use of social media like Instagram and Facebook they would not have made it this far. Their Facebook page has nearly 4,000 likes and they offer a loyalty program; when you check in at the store a certain number of times, you can earn a percentage off your groceries! My favorite part about Zach’s use of technology to promote the business is the texts I get periodically with reminders about hours and offerings:  FP texts

Zach started off as a carpenter, which came in handy when it came to building shelves for the store. He puts his heart and soul into this business and it shows. Despite the early mornings and the fact that he’s a one man show save for rotating help from his mother and brother, Zach told me it never feels like a job. It is clear that he loves what he does; it shows in the produce offerings, his friendly customer service, and the neatness and clear signage in the store.

My absolute favorite part of Fresh Produce of Palmyra is that they provide a fresh food source to folks who may not have the ability to make it to the supermarket. Fresh Produce is within walking distance for so many people in our community. I love that aspect of the business the most.

I highly recommend shopping at Fresh Produce of Palmyra. It’s a store with great food, friendly people, and affordable prices. Fresh Produce of Palmyra is located at 427 W. Broad Street, Palmyra, NJ 08065. In addition to their social media accounts linked above, they can be reached via phone: 856-389-5602, or email:

I hope to see you there!



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