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Meet Nina!

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Meet Jackie!

0062_I love food. And I want to write about it. It is really that simple. Or is it?

I love cooking it, eating it, shopping for it, watching people make it, helping people grow it, talking about it. Food is my love language. You can tell how much I care for you based on which dessert I bring to your dinner party. Yes, really.

But food isn’t all artisan cheeses and heirloom, vein ripened tomatoes. We are bombarded with questions about our choices daily. Is sugar really evil? Can I enjoy veal and still call myself a progressive? Can I acknowledge that food is not the enemy and that health is not derived solely by a number on a scale? How can I spend $200+ on a fancy dinner when my server makes $2.13/hour and still live with myself? If I admit that I hate kombucha, will I be kicked out of (the imaginary because I’m so damn busy) hot yoga class? I hope to address these issues and more in-between recipes and reviews.


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