Fat Kid Friday Feature: Desert Rose in Media, PA – A Review

Yesterday, Earth & State posted on their Facebook wall that Media’s newest eatery, Desert Rose, had opened for business. I took a walk down there this morning to pick up a menu in the hopes that I could order lunch with a few friends later. When I got there, all I saw was a menu taped to the window. I was on foot and I don’t have a smart phone, so I was unable to capture the scene and process it later. Luckily the folks over at Media Patch seized the opportunity and posted pictures of the new space and a PDF of the menu. I was able to place a dinner order.

The menu is limited, which is to be expected. But what I didn’t expect was that the menu wouldn’t have prices listed. I don’t know if this is because they are subject to change or maybe someone didn’t think of it ahead of time, but I called ahead and asked about prices. The woman on the phone was very friendly and answered all of my questions, which was nice. I am posting the prices of the items I bought here so you have some idea if you plan to dine there. Again, I don’t know if they are set in stone, but the prices listed are the prices I paid:

We Ordered: (Descriptions taken directly from the menu)
Chicken Shwarmara Sandwich (Marinated Roasted Chicken), Cucumbers, Tomato, Hummus, Fresh Herbs, Laffa – $7.95
Falafal Sandwich Pita, Tomato & Cucumber, Citrus Cabbage Slaw – $7.95
Israeli Couscous, Mushrooms, Fresh Herbs, Pickled Golden Raisins, Manchago Cheese, Arugula – $7.95 [sic]

Chicken Shwarmara
Chicken Shwarmara

The Chicken Shwarmara was excellent. The sandwich comes on flat bread called Laffa, which is soft and huge. The sandwich is about 12″ long. It’s pretty big and it’s filled nicely with its fillings. The Laffa was fresh and really lovely. The chicken was also really good. I kept saying that the marinated chicken tasted a lot like something I have made, but I still can’t think of what it is. Overall, this was a great sandwich.

Israeli Couscous Salad

My friend and I split an order of the Israeli Couscous Salad. The picture above is of half the portion you get. This, and all salads on the menu, are $7.95. My friend loved this salad because she’s a big fan of Israeli couscous and an even bigger fan of Manchego cheese. I also enjoyed the salad. I really enjoyed the balance of flavors in this dish. This, along with the Chicken Shwarmara sandwich, are packed full of flavors, but they aren’t overpowering. Surprisingly, I liked the pickled golden raisins in this salad the most. As a rule, I don’t like dried fruit because it freaks me out, but the colorful addition added a really nice burst of sweet to balance the tart* cheese and peppery arugula.  *Note: I know nothing about cheese, so forgive if my word choice is poor.

Falafel Sandwich

Admittedly, I don’t have much to say about the falafel sandwich because I didn’t taste it. What I do know is that Media Pizza & Grill also has a falafel sandwich that is packed full of delicious things. I had one of those earlier this week and it was fantastic. From what the person who ate this told me, she said she liked it because it was flavorful, but not overpowering.  The falafel sandwich from Desert Rose comes neatly nestled in an adorable pita.

Pros: Affordable. A lot of food for your money. Great flavors, but not over powering. Friendly Husband and Wife team behind the counter / in the kitchen. Menu comes with a glossary of terms, which is cute. Local business in Media.

Cons: Location. They are located at 305 W. State Street, just beyond Orange Street so it’s a bit off the beaten path. Their menu is limited and it doesn’t have prices listed. The restaurant doesn’t have a website or a Facebook page. It took until Media Patch posted the article with the menu today for us to find the phone number. These are all minor things, mind you.

Overall: I really like Desert Rose. When they went to pick up the food, there was a repeat customer coming to pick up food. That’s a good sign. I would definitely eat there again. I look forward to seeing how they’ll grow in Media. Their phone number is 484-442-8012.

Surprise Dessert!

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