New on State Street: 320 Market Cafe

It goes without saying that I will pretty much eat anything. My favorite restaurant in West Chester has a new winter menu that includes rabbit and wild boar. I can’t wait to go back so I can eat all the things. In the meantime, I’m here in Media doing my food blogger thing. Last week I did an interview with one of the owners of 320 Market Cafe. They are the newest eatery in Media. They set up shop in the place that was Sweet Potato Cafe. When they left people in Media were not pleased. There may or may not have been some advanced levels of shade surrounding their sudden departure, but who really cares? The important part is that there is a new place there that has amazing food. Click here to read my first Fig Media, PA food blog post featuring 320 Market Cafe.

Admittedly, I am not a hard woman to please when it comes to food. I have high standards, but I will eat anything. If it tastes good, I’ll sing your praises and tell everyone I know. This is the case with 320 Market Cafe. I’d venture to say that some folks in Media were hesitant to try this place because of the establishment that preceded it. Some people just don’t like change. I get it. But this change is good.

I walked in there one day when I was on the way home and I ran into someone I know from church. I’d never been in there and he was genuinely concerned about the Pico de Gallo in my hand. He wanted to know if it was the last one. I assured him it wasn’t. I thought he was joking. As it turns out, their Pico de Gallo is AMAZING and it sells out pretty quickly. I don’t think he was going to fight me for the last one, but he was concerned. Here’s a picture:

You would fight someone over this Pico de Gallo. Trust me. After tasting it, I was hooked. It was also the end of the semester and cooking for myself was out of the question because finding time to do that among my mountain of papers to grade was out of the question. 320 Market Cafe has so many choices that I was able to eat something different every time I went in there. They have amazing grilled cheese sandwiches made with fresh bread and locally made cheeses. They also have soups. You can do a soup and grilled cheese combo for $8. Yes, please. The grilled cheese (bread and cheese) changes daily so it’s best to check their Twitter stream before popping in.

My favorite item on the menu is the Italian Special Hoagie. The menu lists it as having: cappocola, genoa salami, pepper ham, sharp provolone, prosciutto, roasted red peppers, and fresh basil. It is, hands down, the best Italian hoagie I have ever eaten. And it’s massive. It comes on a 12″ roll. I took half of one to my mom one day for us to share and we almost fought over it. This hoagie is so good, you may fight you momma over it. (Do you notice a theme here between good food and fighting? It’s a fat kid thing.)

I had to stop going in there so much because it was getting embarrassing. My semester ended and I am fully capable of cooking for myself, so I have been exercising restraint and not going in there for the food or to visit the adorable tattooed boy behind the counter who makes the best. hoagies. ever.  But if you go in there and you order one, make sure he makes it for you. Trust me. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

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