Exciting News

As you may all know, I live in a magical little town called Media. What you may not know is that I have been writing for a local publication called, Fig Media, PA, since April of 2011. When I signed on for this gig, they needed an art columnist. I really, really wanted to be the food columnist, but that slot was taken. Well, good things come to those who wait because Fig has found themselves in need of a food columnist and I am it.

I thoroughly enjoyed being the art columnist for Fig, but I didn’t always feel I could put my best into it. I don’t always understand art. I know it’s up to individual interpretation, but I have no experience with art. Not really. My approach to the art column was to interview the artists. I better understood their work by listening to them tell me their stories. I understand stories. I understand people. I am grateful to these artists for sharing their stories with me so that I could best use my words to represent their work in my column. Admittedly, I struggled with my last art piece for Fig because I didn’t talk to the artists first. I went to a gallery and took pictures and tried to piece it all together. I think it was successful, but it was a struggle. What it comes down to is that I have an appreciation for art, but I have a deep reverence for food.

I plan to use a similar approach when it comes to the food column. Media, PA is home to a lot of restaurants. I’ve eaten in a lot of these places and the reputation of the food has been well documented. A simple Yelp search reveals that. What I have yet to discover is the story behind the food. This is what piques my interest the most.

I want to explore questions like how are Seven Stone Gallery and Seven Stones Cafe connected? Who had the idea to open an Irish pub on State Street?  And I am really eager to find out the story behind the French, self-taught, theater loving executive chef of La Belle Epoque and Picasso.

So many restaurants. So many stories to hear and tell. I am very excited to see where this goes. I’ll continue cooking and posting recipes here. I will also be posting links to my Fig pieces here so you don’t miss anything. I may end up using this blog as overflow to the things that don’t make the cut for my columns. I like that idea. You definitely won’t want to miss this.


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