Media Farmers Market

Anybody who knows me or who reads this blog knows I am really, really excited about locally grown produce. It’s my thing. As a South Jersey native, I grew up eating local produce that was either grown in my backyard or purchased at a road side  stands. (Which means it was grown in someone else’s backyard.)  Either way, it was delicious.

I am fortunate enough to live in a place where I have access to fresh produce all year round. I know this, but I still consulted the map the USDA published this week to confirm that I don’t live in a food desert. I am even more fortunate to live in Media, where the Farmers Market comes to us once a week. Media Farmers Market kicks off today!

I am very excited to add “fresh, local produce” to the list of things that are within walking distance of my apartment. I love this little place. It’s truly magical. This is going to be my first summer in Media. I spent most of last summer in Boston working and eating dorm food. This summer, I intend to stay in Media and take it all in. Also, I’ve got work to do. I just started writing for Fig Media, PA as their art columnist. Here’s a link to my first blog post with them.

While you’re over there, please check out the sweet blog post about Media Farmers Market and if you’re in town on a Thursday afternoon, be sure to check it out. Say hello if you see me there!

P.S. This means I’ll be posting more recipes!

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