Crock Pot Pulled Pork

Hey kiddies! (waves) It has been a while, hasn’t it? I’m not able to post as much as I used to but I made a recipe so amazing I just had to find the time to share.

I found this amazing recipe for Crock pot pulled pork at A few deviations to the recipe:

  • I didn’t feel like buying mesquite powder so I added an additional 1TB brown sugar, 1TB ground ginger powder, 1/2TB garlic powder and 1/2TB onion powder.
  • I had half of a red onion stinking up the refrigerator so I sliced it and tossed it in the bottom of the Crock pot.
  • I also used the whole can of apple juice concentrate – it was frozen solid and I just put it on top of the pork. Please, slicing frozen things at 6am when I’m half awake, I don’t think so!
  • It was just the tiniest bit salty so the next time, I’ll remove a pitch or two of salt from the TB.
  • My piece of pork was over 8lbs because it was the smallest pork shoulder at the store. (see meat tips below)

The timing is pretty simple. I had the pork marinating from the night before in the refrigerator. I tossed in the onions, placed the pork shoulder in, added the vinegar and placed the frozen juice concentrate on top. I cooked on high for two hours (shower, get dressed, check emails, read news, etc) and turned to low as I walked out the door at 8am.  Hubby got home at 5pm and meat was literally falling part so he shut it off (and stole some). The smell will be unbearably tasty so we didn’t let it cool much before digging in!

If you are like me, the thought of cooking a big piece of any type of meat is daunting. I still remember the first Thanksgiving where we hosted for our family. I had a small chorgasm when I sliced into that 15lb bird and it was perfect. Firstly, meat, large or small, is expensive so there is a pressure not to screw it up. Secondly, I believe that if we are eating animals the very, very least we can do is respect the sacrifice by cooking it well. But back to the pulled pork masterpiece.

A few helpful hints about the meat: You’ll want to get pork shoulder, preferably with the bone still in. Don’t worry, the meat will be so tender, it will fall off the bone. If your grocer or butcher is out of shoulder, you’ll want to get short ribs. You need the cut of meat to have both light and dark and ideally with a little fat on it. In terms of size, you can get whatever fits into your slow cooker. It can touch the sides but should be able to wiggle comfortably. I feel like we are going to have to get creative to eat all of this 8lb piece – but for a large family or meat lovers, maybe you’ll plow through it in two days. Added bonus: 8.3 lbs was only $10.50 and we have meat for a week. One order of tacos at our favorite Mexican restaurant is $12. You’re smart; do the math.

Tonight, we ate the pork in tacos: corn tortillas warmed on a greased frying pan, a quick cilantro-red onion-lime salsa fresca, lettuce, sour cream and Goya’s amazing green taco sauce.

Tomorrow, we’re planning traditional pulled pork sandwiches with BBQ sauce on fluffy rolls. And if I get some cabbage, I’m going to make a delicious quick slaw.

Wednesday, I’m on the fence. Maybe breakfast for dinner with pancakes and pork glazed with maple syrup? Or, my new favorite psuedo-homecooked dish, fried rice. (Hint: I buy a quart of white rice from the Chinese take out below my office when I leave. When I get home, I doctor it up with fried egg, stir fry and soy sauce, spices and butter. It is ridiculous. Easy. Cheap. Delicious.)

Look forward to pictures tomorrow. And hopefully more recipes from me as I begin to level out my life just a teensy bit.


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  1. Nicole says:

    I started this recipe yesterday , it’s now in the
    crockpot smelling so good that I have no idea how
    I’m going to wait out the 8 hours without
    a little taste 🙂

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