Quick Red Beans & Rice

This is the quickest red beans and rice recipe you will ever make. This is one of those dishes you make when you don’t feel like cooking. Last night, I didn’t feel like cooking nor was anyone scheduled to come cook for me, so I had to do it. I took a quick inventory of my cabinets and fridge and came up with this. To make it fancy, I infused the cooking oil by frying cumin seeds in it. You can do it, too. I took pictures to walk you through it.

With prep, zapping the rice, and infusing the oil, this dish didn’t take any more than 10 minutes to make. It’s quick, easy, and delicious. For easy clean up, use an 8″ skillet. You don’t need a huge pan for this one.

1/2 can of red kidney beans
1 small onion, diced
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 tablespoons EVOO
Sea Salt to taste
1/2 cup of cooked rice

1. In a small skillet, heat cooking oil on medium high heat. After about a minute, add the cumin seeds. They will look like this:

2. Swirl them around the pot and watch them. They are going to start to brown and heat in the oil. They will look like this:

3. Then add the onion. Cook the onion in the infused oil for 2.5 minutes.

4. Add the beans in the last 30 seconds. They are fully cooked, so they don’t need to be in the pan for that long, but they do need to be introduced to your infused oil.

5. Serve over cooked rice. That’s it.


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