Fresh Cranberry Juice Cocktail

What do you do with all the left over cranberries from Thanksgiving*? Make fresh cranberry juice! *This is assuming you didn’t go the canned route.

I love cranberries. Some people can’t handle drinking cranberry juice without all the added sugar and other fruits that make up store-bought cranberry juice cocktail. I am one of those people who can drink it straight up and when I feel like dishing out $7 for a small jar of 100% Organic cranberry juice, I do it. I’m hardcore like that.

I bought a bag of fresh cranberries at Trader Joe’s last week for the sole purpose of juicing them. Juicing cranberries yields crazy delicious results, but it’s very messy. There are bits of cranberries all over the place now. I even got some on my TWLOA t-shirt despite the fact that I was wearing an apron.

This is my version of no added sugar fresh cranberry juice cocktail. This juice came at the perfect time. I completed my holiday leftovers for breakfast yesterday. At this point, I don’t think my stomach trusts that I’ll make a good food decision today, so I was able to surprise it with this yummy juice. I won’t care call it a detox. I will, however, call it delicious.


5 Navel oranges, skins removed

2 large Gala apples, cut into slices

1” long piece of fresh ginger, skin removed

1 12oz bag of fresh cranberries

Slice of lemon

1. Prepare fruits by chopping and removing skins. Skins of apples do not need to be removed if they are organic.

2. Soak cranberries in a bowl of water for ten minutes prior to juicing.

3. Juice fruits alternating between oranges, cranberries, and apples. Apples work to clear the filter of any lingering pieces, so alternating is a must.

Note: My juicer jar thing only holds 800mL (~26 oz) of fluid so I stop half way through and empty the container and the pulp. I place the first round of juice in my blender and place it in the fridge.

4. Continue juicing until all fruit is gone. Empty the second batch of juice into the blender, squeeze lemon juice in, and blend batches together.

5. Serve immediately.

To add a little warmth to the mixture, lightly steam the apples before juicing.

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