Watermelon Mango After Dinner Cocktail

I was at my mom’s last night and she made me a yummy-mummy dinner, as she usually does when I am home. I’d just gotten home from brunch in NYC with Ducky DoLittle and other amazing people. I arrived back to my mom’s house feeling inspired and loved. I was having an amazing day all around.

Mom was watching The Next Food Network Star on TV. It was the countdown to the finale. I felt so inspired after watching the contestants cook their hearts out. I am so very proud of the winner, Aarti of Aarti Paarti, not only for her exceptional use of assonance, but also for her vibrant, vivacious self. Her cooking is amazing. Her hair is curly. She’s happy and truly amazing. Congrats, Aarti!

Last night, I literally watched her dreams come true on live TV. She said at the end of the broadcast to always keep your head up even when you are faced with adversity because there is something bigger coming. I’d heard this twice yesterday; once from Ducky and again from my Bengali cab driver who took me back to the train station. I know something big is coming, but until then I will cook, create recipes, and throw adult toy parties.

This cocktail came about during a commercial break. I felt the need to create something in the midst of all the cooking/dreams-coming-truing I was witnessing on TV. This is what I came up with. It’s light and refreshing. The vodka is, of course, optional.

1 cup fresh watermelon, seedless
1 cup frozen (or fresh) chopped mango
1 teaspoon agave nectar
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup vodka

Blend until smooth. Serve in a fancy pants glass like this one I found in my mom’s cabinet. The Amazing Hot Heart Massager is also optional, but highly recommended.

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