Hand-rolled Sushi with Cabbage and Hummus

The other day I was craving seaweed salad so I went online and researched exactly what kind of seaweed I would need to make the delectable salad. I went and picked up the salad after my volunteer shift at Selene Whole Foods Co-op only to get home and discover it was not the seaweed I needed. In order to make a proper seaweed salad you need wakame, not arame. As it stands right now, I have 5 different kinds of seaweed in my house and NONE of them are wakame. Actually, I have six if you count the kelp (iodine) supplements.

I used nori, the traditional wrapping for sushi, and freshly prepared long grain brown rice for this dish. I was going to fill my sushi with fresh avocado, but my avocados were being non-compliant. (I buy then in bags of four from TJ’s and keep them in the fridge. Apparently, this helps them keep longer and not ripen on demand. Who knew?) Luckily I also purchased a mini head of locally grown cabbage from my co-op and I lightly steamed it and rolled it in along with some homemade hummus. This dish is further proof that I am having the best week ever.

Speaking of the dish! I purchased this beautiful dish from Earth & State. The store is full of beautiful fair trade, handmade items from around the world. Earth & State and the owner Drew are two of the main reasons I am in Magical Media today. I had a student, whom I also ran into this week, leave school on a break and go talk to Drew about how to find an apartment in Media. I went to Earth & State after class and Drew literally walked me over to my landlord’s office. The rest is, as they say, history.

On to the sushi
Note: You can fill sushi with anything you want. I had cabbage, but anything cut into long strips can be rolled into sushi.

You’ll need:
A package of Nori
1.5 cups of prepared rice (I used brown)
Filling of your choice
A cloth napkin or a bamboo mat
A Sharp knife

1. Place nori on a bamboo mat or napkin.

2. Use a bowl with salted water to wet your hands. Mash rice into an even layer on the nori. Leave an inch of the nori uncovered at the bottom.

3. Lay down your filling at the top of the nori about a ¼ from the top.

4. Rolling the sushi firmly with your bamboo mat. Pause after each roll to readjust the mat. (I don’t have a bamboo mat and I found that the cloth napkin wasn’t working for me so I just rolled roll it and moved on with my life.)

5. Using a sharp wet knife, cut the sushi into slices. The knife needs to be wet so it doesn’t stick to the nori.

6. Serve as is or with soy sauce.

I’ve been working on a lot of new, Nina friendly dishes that I am going to be sharing in the next week. Also, stay tuned for my dorm room adventures in cooking as I’ll be in the Boston this summer roughing it. (By roughing it, I mean I’m moving back into a dorm and navigating college dining rooms. It’s sure to be a fun segment.)

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