Fun with Soy Yogurt

I was once told by a nutritionist that flavored yogurt had too much sugar (too many carb servings) per serving and he suggested I mix my own. I didn’t think I would like it, but now I go out of my way to find soy yogurt to flavor it myself.

This week, I took a trip with my mom to Whole Foods in Marlton, NJ. Whole Foods carries two brands of soy yogurt: Silk and Whole Soy & Co. For a while I only ate the Silk Yogurt. I tried the other Whole Soy & Co brand because it was cheaper and I have found that I like it better.

Making your own flavored yogurt is fun, easy, and delightful. I used blackberries here and bananas the next day. You can mix in nuts, granola, apples, or your favorite nut butter. I like to top mine with a swirl of agave nectar for a hint of sweet and a little more color. For this rendition, I splurged and bought enjoy life granola. I love it.


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