Love, guilt, cheese and soil

Hello fellow foodies, feminists and femivores!  I am here to tell you four tre uber, mucho, mega important things.

#1 – I love you all.  The feedback, comments, positive reenforcement both here and on Facebook and Twitter.  And please keep it coming.  Sometimes it is a struggle to cook AND post a few times a week but support from you all keeps me motivated.

#2 – I have been a very very bad cooktivist the past few weeks.  I haven’t cooked much at all and what I have made is hardly blog worthy (cereal for dinner anyone?).  And [hangs head in shame] I have eaten a TON of processed and prepared foods.  It has not been pretty and my immune system and digestive track have definitely taken notice.  But I will overcome my hectic lifestyle choices and be back at it soon enough.  Both the hubs and I are in the process of transitioning into new jobs and I’m hoping that in another week or two, life (and our dinnertime!) will begin to stabilize.  And if all else fails, come May the CSA share of produce will force me to start cooking and canning and all that other wonderfulness!

And #3 – I found the most delicious, complex and down-right sinful local cheese last week at the WholePaycheckFoods.

Two words: Team Edward

This delightful creation was made just over 100 miles away from me in Honesdale, PA.  This farmhouse cheddar features garlic, red onion and a hint of ginger and paprika.  It also taped into my new random love affair with Edward Cullen…what can I say, the gigantic pompadour just does it for me.  So even in my overworked and hazy visit to pick up soy yogurt and some organic apples, I was able to scout out a local treat.  Oh and did I mention it was cheap?  I already ate it all and tossed the label but I believe it was under $10/pound.  And that might sound like a lot, but with cheese this rich and tasty the $3 wedge I bought lasted almost a week of us picking away at it.

#4 – Last and definitely not least, I am going to offer up a spot in my garden for Cooktivism readers!!  Wait, what the hell does that mean?  Well, my darlings, I will plant any fruit, veggie or herb that you readers decide is the thing you would like to be highlighted this summer/fall.

A few minor caveats: It must be within financial and geographical reason, ie I can’t afford to grow saffron crocus nor will it survive in NJ.  I really don’t like green beans so please don’t make me grow those.  There will be no suggested choices to pick from because I want to be inspired by your creativity.  And last, please vote via comment to this post (not on Facebook or Twitter) and only one vote per reader.

Besos, JCB

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karla says:

    I’d love to see you grow Purple Hull Peas, a favorite of mine since moving South many years ago. I’d love to see some new creativity in ways to use them.

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