Femivore – Hot Damn!

Cooktivists – proof that we are not living in a bubble!  Check out this article in the NY Times from this weekend: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/14/magazine/14fob-wwln-t.html

Ummm, was Peggy Orenstein crawling around in my brain???  Perhaps in the part that isn’t sitting on three Boards, working on a school board election, consulting and working a FT time job.  I really have nothing brilliant or provocative or intelligent to say – just go read this article and weigh in.  Is this utter bullshit or awesome?  If it is flawed, how?

Meanwhile, I’m gonna go steal one of my dad’s hens and see if the neighbors call the cops!  And/or go check my city ordinances on goats.  Oh, my love for goats is a WHOLE other post…

PS – Does anyone else think Femivore sounds like the most badass superhero name ever?

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  1. Karla Staudt says:

    This was an article that spoke straight to my heart – except for the last paragraph which sounds like it was written by someone else altogether! And I am so glad to find another kindred spirit that loves goats!

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