10 Minute Tacos

I am having some medical issues and my body requires a three-hour nap in the middle of the day. (No really. My speech slurs and everything. It’s odd.) When I wake up from my epic nap, I stumble around like a drunk kindergarten. A drunk and very hungry kindergartener. (For a visual, imagine Patsy and Edina on their daily lives in Ab Fab.) They are decidedly not elementary school aged children, but you get the point.

I bought stuff for tacos when I was at Target this afternoon and I managed to make myself the easiest, quickest dinner ever. This recipe is fool-proof. (Okay, I burned the taco shells because I was chopping lettuce that I could have just ripped with my hands.) If you happen to be one of those people who “can’t cook” or who has a partner who can’t cook, this recipe is for you. Don’t tell me neither one of you can cook. If you can open a can, you can make these tacos.

1 cup of left over rice
1 can of black beans, rinsed
½ can of refried beans
Taco shells

Open the black beans, rinse them and put them in a lightly oiled saucepan. Add the rice and stir. Add refried beans and mix to incorporate. If you need help stirring the beans, add a splash of salsa and keep stirring.

With your magic second set of hands, place three or four taco shells in the toaster oven. With your complementary second set of eyes, watch them. They only need 2 minutes on each side.

When they are toasted, take them out and stuff them with your yummy beany taco filling. Top with lettuce or cheese or salsa.

The whole process takes less than ten minutes. Promise.

**While we’re talking about it, don’t bother buying that nasty packet of taco seasoning for more-than-ten-minute tacos. I’ll post a recipe on how to season tacos meat/tofu that doesn’t involve MSG and other vial unpronounceable ingredients. Gross.


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