You better work!

Friends, I’m working on a soy ice cream birthday cake tonight and will post pictures and recipe later this evening or tomorrow.  However, I wanted to share a little fashion news that piqued my interest earlier today…

There’s a new little something out there for you plus-sized fashionistas – Vogue Italy has launched a microsite called Vogue Curvy.  It features larger models, brands, etc.  It gets kudos from me for featuring women larger than a size 0 with more healthy figures.  However, here is a question, albeit maybe not well articulated, what does it say to size 12 women to see themselves identified as “plus sized” by the fashion industry?  The “poster child” for Vogue Curvy Crystal Renn recognizes that “It’s simply bizarre that ‘normal’ is the new overweight,” as she wrote in her memoir Hungry.  Renn was recently the inspiration behind the “Size Issue” of V Magazine.  She was paired with a traditional model, both wearing the same outfits.  Both ladies stand five-foot-nine, but Renn’s dimensions are 36-31-41, while Jablonski (the other model) is 32-24-34.

Renn’s look in the sheer and floral dress in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2006 show (dated October 2005) is absolutely gorgeous…I digress!

But what does it mean when we highlight normal as plus sized?  Should we ask that plus sized is truly that – Women’s sizes, not Misses size 12??  Or should we be grateful or happy that there is any headway in this area??

We never intended Cooktivism to be about body issues, but let’s get real here….how could it not come up?  (Bonus points for knowing what song the title refers to!!)

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