Spotlight: Local Teas

Before I cook any meal, I open my kitchen cabinets, stand there, and wait for inspiration. It’s quite the site and it is has become a ritual for me. Today I was making a salad and I had my cabinets open thinking of what I’d post today. I have an entire cabinet devoted to teas and I saw a lovely box with a hand drawn design and so this post was born. Today I am going to tell you about some lovely locally grown teas.

The first is near and dear to my heart. The company is called Good 4 You Tea. The tea maker is from Massachusetts and all of the teas and herbs in her teas are grown on local organic farms. Okay, she’s not local to me, but her items are no less amazing.

I found her shop on Etsy one day when I was looking for nettle tea. Dr. Gillian McKeith is always telling people on her show to drink nettle tea. She also talks about it a great deal in her books. I bought You Are What You Eat at Boomerangs in Jamaica Plains (Boomerangs JP is the best thrift shop in Boston) last summer. Anyway, I started making a list of the things I needed to buy to get on track with her Diet of Abundance. I went to a few random health stores and they didn’t carry nettle tea. I was left to wonder where the hell I was going to get nettle tea and not have to fork over my left ovary. Enter Good 4 You Herbal Teas. Not only does she carry Nettles, but she also has a host of other loose and bagged teas. She even made me some gluten-free version of her Ultimate Green super food drink. She’s amazing.

One of the first things I ever purchased from her is the Chakra Tea Sample Pack. Each tea targets a different Chakra. Click here for more information on Chakras. My favorite is Could You Be Loved, hence why I placed an order for 3 ozs of the loose tea. You may have seen it in my Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels post.

The second is Ducky’s Life Tea. I’ve seen Ducky teas at Whole Foods Market in Princeton, NJ on several occasions. I am huge tea enthusiast, but the 2 oz bags were $10-12. I love tea, but I gotta draw the line somewhere. As fate would have it, I met the woman behind Ducky’s at Central Jersey Slow Foods a couple of weeks ago. She was a delight and she informed me WF does an incredible amount of markup on her products. It was MUCH cheaper to get them directly from her.

The three I purchased were: Rosie’s Rose Melange, Rabbi Sally’s Iron Goddess of Mercy, and Mona’s South African Honeybush. She was sampling quite a few of her teas, but I admit to buying these because of their names. I live for stories. I do most of what I do with the expectation of a good story. I inquired about Rabbi Sally’s blend and she told me Rabbi Sally was the first woman to ever become a Rabbi in the United States of America. (Reading her bio gave me chills.) The Iron Goddess of Mercy is a Chinese Oolong tea whose name refers to statues in China that are supposed to bring fertility and prosperity. (There is a very good chance I am wrong about this.) I love the fact that the Ducky tea woman combined the two forces. It is a truly powerful tea with a “very direct finish.”

These are just two examples of the local items you can find if you look hard enough. It is important to support local businesses. They are run by some very cool people with really great stories. I challenge you to find a local business and buy something from them this week. You can do it. You just have to open your eyes to find them.

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  1. Jess says:

    Thank you so much Nina!!

    1. cooktivism says:

      Thank YOU for making such lovely teas! 🙂

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