JCB’s Heritage Plate

Fellow Cooktivists, here’s a new FKT (that’s Fat Kid Tendency) I think you’ll appreciate – instead of working on a great post about local gardening and the awesomeness that is AVM, I cooked and baked like rockstar for about 3 hours straight.  So you’ll have to wait another day to read all about my garden plans and what I learned from the Kingsolver Family.    

Instead, I’m going to share with you the three delicious things I whipped up tonight.  The following three posts will be: Brussel Sprouts Haluski (can be vegan but I used egg noodles), Eggplant Parm Stackers (vegetarian) and Almond Pound Cake (vegan).  I’m posting each dish as its own post so folks can use the categories and not get onion-laden Haluski in the dessert section.  And not to worry, I made other stuff too in those three hours (and watched the Golden Globes!) but those three dishes make up my heritage plate.    

My heritage plate


Heritage plate?  What?  A heritage plate to me is a plate that highlights my background and yet still fits together as a plated meal.  Say WHA?!?!  Oh nevermind!  It a Polish dish and an Italian dish and they are both amazing – even if the Food Network would poo poo such a pairing.  And there’s a classic American cake at the end too!


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