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From Wolff's Apple House

I spoil myself in several ways. To start, I recently relocated from New Jersey to the most magical place in the world and I am very happy. One of the selling points of Media, besides the fact that it’s adorable, was its proximity to sources for locally grown produce. Media has a farmer’s markets, a food co-operative, and an orchard all within a ten-mile radius of the town’s center. It’s a dirty hippie’s wet dream. See, spoiled.

One of my favorite places en la moda is Wolff’s Apple House. The picture above is my last haul. They were having an end of season clearance. What I failed to realize is that they won’t be re-opening until March 4, 2010. Once again, my mom was right. She told me they wouldn’t have much to sell in the dead of winter. It makes perfect sense. They supply the community with locally grown produce. Nothing grows in Southeastern Pennsylvania in the dead of winter except waist lines. (Yeah, I said it.)  I applaud Wolff’s sustainability and simultaneously mourn their absence.

Selene Co-Op is literally down the street from where I live. I am a working (volunteer) member and I get discounts on their already low prices. They have an AMAZING selection of gluten-free items that rivals that of Trader Joe’s, which is down the street in the opposite direction. It is also the only place around here where nutritional yeast is readily available. That’s the reason why I joined.

Linvilla Orchards is also magical. They grown their own fruits and veggies and patrons are more than welcome to pick their own. I bought the biggest, most gorgeous blackberries there last August. I will be posting about this when the seasons change and I’m out picking berries and generally frolicking  like the dirty hippie I am.

To get to the point, the following recipe is composed of things I bought at Wolff’s the last time I was there. It’s full of green leafies and other such sustainable yumtastic things.

Kale & Swiss Chard with Mushrooms and Sundried Tomatoes

Food porn

Serves 2-4 people or one really hungry single girl.


1/2 package of sundried tomatoes (not in oil) cut long ways and then in chunks

1/2 container of Baby Bella mushrooms, halved and sliced

1 bunch of Swiss Chard, rinsed and chopped into chunks

1/2 bunch of kale, rinsed and chopped into chunks

2 cloves of garlic, chopped or minced

Bragg’s Amino acids* (to taste)

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

In a heavy bottomed skillet, heat EVOO and add garlic. Sautee garlic for about two minutes then add mushrooms and sundried tomatoes. Sautee garlic, mushrooms, and tomatoes for about three minutes. Add the kale and swiss chard in batches. Depending upon the size of your pot, you may find that you have too much kale and chard for this dish. Using kitchen tongs, turn all of the ingredients to mix. Add the Bragg’s Amino Acids to taste. Continue turning the mixture until throughly heated and the greens are slightly wilted. Be sure not to overcook the greens. You want them to still be bright green (NOT brown) and a little tender.

***About Bragg’s Amino Acids: I don’t cook with a whole lot of seasoning because I like to taste my food. I don’t use salt except when making rice or pasta on the stove. I do, however, use Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids like it’s going out of style. It tastes like soy sauce and it is a liquid protein concentrate made from soybeans. I picked this up one day at Whole Foods because I wanted wheat free soy tamari sauce, but all my broke ass could afford was Bragg’s. I had my damn sushi that night and I fell in love. A lot of my recipes will feature this liquid goodness. It is also common in a lot of vegan recipes. Bragg’s can be purchased at local health food stores and even conventional grocery stores. It’s usually in the natural foods aisle with the rest of the condiments.

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  1. Honor says:

    I love this!!
    Mac and cheese is my new culinary focus. And I’m a 5 o’clock on-the-way-to-the-subway dinner shopper, stopping at the stores I know will have the ingredients I’ve been thinking about all day.
    I will keep reading! and i’m really craving some greens right now 🙂

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