Welcome to Cooktivism!

Welcome to Cooktivism. We are Jackie and Nina and we will be your guides for this journey involving food, thought, and discussion. But first, a story. 

Have a drink.


The Story of Cooktivism 

We both grew up in families that celebrated food and the nourishment it brings. For us, some of these family feasts ended in agony. Agony we could not always relate to our family members for fear that they may get offended by our stomachs’ refusal to enjoy a HUGE Italian/Soul Food meal. We suffered in silence alone for years until our paths crossed in college. 

In dimly lit cafeterias, we explored gluten-free and diary-free food myths. Was there really soy soft serve? Could I ever get a gluten-free bagel? We would drool over memories of cake and ice creams. We would talk about decadent meals or desserts that we could no longer partake in. Naturally, we had our moments of weakness. We would go out and eat the food we knew we had no business eating because we longed for the taste, the sensation, the satisfaction of eating the forbidden foods. 

Partaking in forbidden foods always ended in disaster. 

Individually, yet simultaneously, we decided to do something about it. We took to the kitchens and decided to get smart about eating. No longer were we willing to eat foods we knew were going to harm us. We were determined to eat to live and not live to eat. 

But how? After leafing through the dozens of cookbooks and recipes handed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers, we found the ingredients in the recipes to be as dated as the yellowing cards with the perfect penmanship. 

So we did what any two women with degrees in English and Women’s Studies would do: we read and did research. We bought vegan cookbooks. We read blogs. We discovered the responsibility that we both have to the keep our carbon footprints at a minimum. And then we really started cooking. And now we now eat like Queens and the people we cook for also benefit from our newly acquired culinary genius. 

And thus the seeds of Cooktivism were planted. 

We hope to offer you recipes–some of which we know are unhealthy. Dialogue–some of which may also be unhealthy! And we hope that every post will give you something to think about, whether you want to or not. 

We are not professional food critics. Nor are we classically trained chefs. At times, we may disagree or contradict each other. As feminists we know that we cannot speak for everyone, nor are we trying to. We are just two book sluts, who took to the kitchen to feed our bodies and fuel our souls. This is our journey. Join us. 

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  1. Judy says:

    Absolutely love it! Fatties always swallow….made me laugh out loud!

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